Snap Mouthwatering Images with Tips From Expert Food Photographers

Maybe, you have an image to uphold on Instagram. Perhaps, you simply like to document mouthwatering meals before you eat them. Whatever the case may be, there are several reasons why you might want to hone your food photography skills. Improve your shots with these professional tips, courtesy of fellow food photographers with huge social media followings.

Take your photos in the daytime.

Date nights might be the perfect time to order an eye-popping dish, but if you really want the images to turn out well, you’re better off snapping your photos during breakfast or lunch. Natural light is still the best light for photos, so when eating in a restaurant, try to sit next to a window, or opt for outdoor dining under a canopy. Both of these places will give you natural, yet diffused, light, which will give you brightness without distracting glare.

Consider your angles.

Angles are what make photos interesting, especially when it comes to inanimate objects, like food. Overhead angles are popular, because they make good use of your smartphone’s lens, and allow you to set the stage a bit – for example, you might include a hand holding a cup of coffee to add personality. Close-up angles are good, but only if you have a high-definition lens. Otherwise, these details could look fuzzy. Finally, try shooting your food against a wall for a clean look that puts all eyes on the meal.

Don’t forget editing.

Yes, even the most effortless food photos on Instagram are likely touched up a few times before being posted. Sometimes, foodies even turn to more than one app to accomplish this before uploading to social media. While you can use the editing tools embedded in the Instagram app, professional food influencers turn to apps, like VSCO, Snapseed, and SKRWT, to make the image look picture-perfect. From there, you can add a filter on Instagram to complete the vibe.

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