The Best Herbs to Grow Indoors

Planting is all the rage these days. As an apartment resident, you might feel as though you can’t get in on the gardening trend when it’s much simpler than you might believe to grow your own herbs at home! In fact, certain varieties are surprisingly well-suited to the indoors, if they are given adequate sunlight. Here are 4 herbs you’ll want to try growing inside – and, best of all, they’re all common household spices you’ll no longer have to buy at the grocery store.


Basil can be grown easily with either a packet of seeds or a ready-to-pot seedling. All it needs is rich soil and placement on a southern- or western-facing windowsill - basil thrives in heat and direct sun. Due to its short life span, you will need to plant basil frequently, but you can bet that the rewards will be well worth it when you’re enjoying freshly made pesto, Caprese salad, and the like. Yum!


Another herb you’ll find countless ways to use is oregano. A member of the mint family, oregano is perfect in tomato sauce, stews, marinades, chicken recipes, and more. Oregano is easy to grow, as long as you never let the soil get dry and make sure the plant gets moderate to strong light. When you’re ready to use, simply strip the leaves from the stems and add as desired.


Tired of buying chives or green onions at the grocery store? Us, too. Fortunately, it’s easy to grow chives at home. Place them in a south-facing window and keep the soil moist but make sure there is proper drainage. Snip off the spiky leaves with scissors. If you want to trim the entire plant, remember to leave at least two inches of growth so the herb can resprout.


Finally, parsley makes for an excellent at-home herb, whether you choose to grow the curly or Italian flat-leaf variety. Grow either (or both) in a deep pot with rich soil and place the plant in strong light. If you’re starting from seed, soak them in warm water first - this will crack the coating. You can top a variety of dishes with parsley, but Mediterranean dishes like tabbouleh allow its flavor to really shine.

McDermott 55 Apartments in Plano, Texas is committed to making sure that our residents can live their best life! By taking advantage of our tips & tricks, we hope that you can easily maintain—and even improve— your normal routine.

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